Vladislav Kanevsky, Master of Fashion Design RMIT University

Vladislav Kanevsky



Vladislav Kanevsky studied visual arts, majoring in drawing, before graduating from RMIT’s Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in 2012 with first class honours. Since then, he has worked as a stylist and consultant. 

Master of Fashion (Design) student, Vladislav was born in former Soviet republic Azerbaijan and migrated to Melbourne with his family in 1992, following the collapse of the USSR. The stark contrast of the two cultures has shaped his fashion practice, which explores his specific interest in post‐soviet excess and contemporary perceptions of Western masculinity. His often tongue‐in‐cheek references to ideas of subjective taste, specifically ‘a warped fashion sense’, stem from exploring fragile connections between genuine self‐expression and male narcissism. He has a particular interest in shorthand tailoring and subverting menswear clichés, both through form and materiality.