Image project

The Image along its journey endeavors to embed its visual effect, transfer some meaning. In due course there is loss of original clarity and of pure origin. Image is ruined as it is consumed. In a weakening from fully present observations, its partial vitality is sapped and its past neglected. All is begun in loose reference towards an observed Image.

I wonder how exactly recollections are summoned back into presence gazing into just fragments. Perhaps Image resurfaces again, disguised or partially obscured, called upon for its parallel historical and cultural reverberations. Just how is borrowed media absorbed into processes? The speed of today’s world permits only a passing reference to Image. I’m interested in how fast Image has become a throwaway commodity aligned to contemporary fashion systems. In a world that’s increasingly hoarding then throwing away Image in dusty relic catalogues and rubbish dumps, digital and cerebral, what burden are these dragging images? How do they sit on us?