Masterclass – Margret Wibmer

‘Advanced Fashion Design Studio’, the core course of the program, is complemented by masterclasses that offer students the potential to extend technical and conceptual mastery directed by their fashion design practice. Masterclasses are led by high-profile local and international practitioners to offer students a variety of industry examples and approaches to fashion design practice.

A two-day intensive masterclass facilitated by Austrian visual artist and educator Margret Wibmer asked students to think about the body and garments in new ways, through media and representational images, materials, gestures and performance. Using large photographic prints from selected elements of Margret’s artwork, in combination with other materials, including fabric, boning and lining, the students explored new methods of constructing garments and accessories in unconventional ways. Their focus was on translating and interpreting images beyond appropriation to create narratives around the body with wearable shapes and textures that invited and ignited the imagination.